I'm going on vacation, what do I do with my cat?


It is normal that you want to disconnect from the routine, but you have to leave your housemate in good hands with the best care. "If I leave it at home, will it be okay?", Or "what do I have to do so that I don't feel bad during the trip?" The first thing you should be aware of is that cats do not like changes and in fact, they can make them feel really bad until they create a nutritional change, as we can see in What to do if my cat vomits?. With this in mind, the best thing to do is, if you are going to be away for a few days, leave it at home. But if you plan to be out for more than a week, or even more, then it is better that you look for someone to take care of it, or take it with you.

In case you decide to leave it at home, Must be able to have food and water. You can leave several water troughs, more or less 7, scattered throughout the house and in terms of food the ideal would be to buy a food dispenser to control the amount ingested those days. If you want to find a new product on the market ideal for your cat, you could think of Petpresso, an intelligent caretaker who controls and manages your pet's diet in an easy and simple way from your Smartphone.

Nor can we forget the sandbox. We have to keep in mind that our pet urinates and defecates just like humans, so if “your bathroom” is not clean it will do so in inappropriate areas. How to avoid it? Putting several trays, which should be a little separated from each other.

Anyway, it does not hurt to ask someone you trust to go see him at least every 3 days, but with these tips your cat will be fine for seven days. In the case that you are going to be longer, then it is important that you take care of a trustworthy person and leave a list with advice about your cat because each one is different and have different hobbies. So ... what do you do with your cat on vacation? Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

What shall I do with my cat over vacation?

The best option is always to leave it at home under the care of another person, do you know why?

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We have to know that the cat is a sedentary animal, who does not like changes in territory, and who generally needs time to adapt to any change. You need to leave your pheromones in your space, to feel comfortable and calm. A place without its pheromones already involves stress, and even generates fear.

What do I do if I go on vacation? What is best for my cat?

If we are going to leave a week or less, Ideally, the cat stays at home, and that we find a person who goes to see him every day, to clean his tray, put fresh water, check that he has food, play a little with him or keep him company if the cat wants, since there are very scary cats to those who better We leave calm because in the absence of the owner they get scared (Read How to treat a cat with fear or shy). We must leave instructions to the people who take care of our cat in our absence, about its character, places where they usually hide, to avoid unnecessary scares.

If our holidays are longer, we can try the option of a friend or relative staying in our house during that time, so we avoid changing the cat's place.

You have at your disposal the Basic Manual for Catsitters, if you want to leave instructions to the people who are going to take care of the cats at home.

From Feline Therapy I always recommend the following trusted people to take care of your cats in your own home:

Ester de Gracia - The Light of Blue . Ester has attended my courses, is a feline therapist and also works with natural therapies. He is a babysitter at home in Alicante, is from Alcoy, and can make long stays of cats in his house if necessary. Telephone: 692 53 66 64 / E-mail: [email protected] / Facebook:

Marta Molinos - Barcelona and Garraf area - Friend and person of total confidence, with great experience in working with animals in shelter. Telephone: 633227504 / E-mail: [email protected]

Chiara Binetti He is a sweet, sensitive and hardworking person, who also cu> [email protected]

The Bastet Cat. Anand, trained in animal and holistic therapies, which has been caring for cats for a lifetime, is also totally trusted. 666443806 / Facebook

Silvia Pérez (Educa in Positiu) - Telephone: 645 331 360 / E-mail: [email protected] / Areas: Alt and Baix Penedés, Garraf, Alt camp nord and Tarragonés nord.

Gatuari - E-mail: [email protected] indicating dates that you will need them, number of visits per day and exact postal address, will make you a personalized budget.


Noa project. Marga is a trustworthy person who has attended my courses, with a lot of hand and responsible. Telephone: 670697379 / E-mail: [email protected]


Diana Gutierrez Diana has attended my courses, also uses natural remedies and advises if necessary, is very careful and respectful. Telephone: 667723203 / E-mail: [email protected]

Amparo de los Ríos - Felina Nursery Dr. Canuto. Person of my total trust, loving, respectful and very careful, with a lot of experience cat and formed by me in Flores de Bach for cats. A love of person. Telephone: 675072838 / E-mail: [email protected]


Little smile - Mireia - - E-mail: [email protected] - Phone: 687419856


Bel María Palou Amer - E-mail: [email protected] / Telephone: 662 049 123


La Gatoteca. They have a wonderful team of people, trained in behavior and natural therapies, and experienced, to take care of your cats. Telephone: 916225831 / E-mail: [email protected]

Paikea Animal. Michelle Dickason-Smith Communicator and Animal Therapist. E-mail: [email protected] / +34 655 768 570

Mª Ángeles Gómez Leira - I know it> 62751 3802 / E-mail: [email protected] / Web:

Victoria Garcia Oset - Only Linear City zone. Of my total trust, with experience, loving and responsible. Phone: (whatsapp only) 626928212 / E-mail: [email protected]

M'engatusas - Juan Manuel Presa - Juanma is one of my students in Felino Therapist professional training. 100% confidence, very responsible and cat. Telephone: (whatsapp only) 676209874 / E-mail: [email protected]

Marta Carballo - Entregatos. Of total confidence, floral therapist and cat friend. / Telephone: 676228064 / E-mail :[email protected]


Miriam He has attended one of my courses, he is a babysitter at home in Valencia, dogs and cats. Phone: 639 77 02 67 / Facebook:

Laura Tudela - Happy hairs - Offers home babysitting service of cats and rabbits in Valencia. Facebook:

Animal Caregivers - Sandra Ratia -

For long absences, there are other types of options, such as taking the cat to a friend or relative's house, or taking it with us on vacation if it is a safe place for him. In this case, the cat will need some adaptation time and simple guidelines to feel calm (read Adapting the cat to a new environment). It is important to know that the cat takes at least a week to adapt to a new place, which is why if we are only going to go on a week's vacation, it is unnecessary for the cat to go through this adaptation phase, that when it ends or continues In process, he will return home. We can save it.

Starting from the initial base, the cat is sedentary, territorial and needs its pheromones, so you need time to be impregnating the new place of your pheromones, taking references, recognizing the sounds to not be scared, new people, other animals. It depends a lot on the character of the cat, since very scary cats should not be changed because they take longer to adapt and also have a risk of escaping and getting lost, they need more time and surely some additional guidelines, treatment with Bach Flowers, etc.

A little scary cat will take less time to adapt, but it must also be taken into account that if there are dogs or other cats in the new place we have to consult what guidelines we should perform (read Gather cats with other cats and dogs).

The last option is to take the cat to a cat residence, which we must visit beforehand and know the conditions in which the cats are, and if we have references from other trusted people, the better. From Feline Therapy we always recommend Gatosphera (in Madrid), whose website is: A residence must meet minimum requirements for our cats, such as separate and individual stays, wealth and environmental stimulation for cats, people with love for cats, good management and knowledge that can help the cat in its adaptation to the new stay temporary.

If we have to take our cat with us, see the article Traveling with the cat.

Happy holidays to all!

Laura Trillo Carmona, Natural Cats Therapist and Feline Communicator

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Where to leave my cat on vacation?

Many people believe that the seemingly more independent personality of the cat allows him to be alone at home without any problems, it is not true! The cats require daily attention for our part, and leaving them kilos of food and liters of water is not enough if we plan to miss a few days. As with dogs, domestic cats need someone to take care of them and supervise to check that everything is in order, play with them and give them love. It is true that not all cats accept human contact equally, especially when we talk about strangers, but this does not mean that we should not provide adequate attention. To do this, there are different options that we will have to value depending on the personality of our feline, such as leaving it at home under surveillance, taking it to the home of someone you trust or staying in a hotel or residence for cats.

Can I leave the cat at home on vacation?

The most common option among tutors is to leave the cat in the comfort of your home and ask someone you trust to visit and care for the animal every day. Definitely, the best environment for a cat is his houseTherefore, it is always advisable to leave the cat at home on vacation. Of course, as we say, always under surveillance !, so the answer to the question "can I leave my cat alone on vacation?" It is a resounding NO. In other words, at home with someone yes, at home completely alone no.

Cats are animals very susceptible to changes, so take them to an unknown place, either a friend's house or a feline residence, with total probability will develop stress and anxiety in them, unless our feline is so sociable that it has the ability to adapt to any environment without any problem. However, the latter tend to be a minority.

Feline ethologists and psychologists advise choosing this option whenever possible to minimize the animal's anxiety. Obviously, especially in those more dependent felines, preventing them from missing their tutors is practically impossible, so in some cases it is possible to witness symptoms of separation anxiety. However, if we ask someone trustworthy for us and, especially, for the cat to move to our home, this whole process will be much more bearable.

Recommendations to leave a cat at home on vacation

As it is not always easy to find someone willing to live in our house in our absence, if you visit the animal daily and spend time it will be essential that carry out the following tasks:

  • Clean the litter box.
  • Change the food and clean the feeder.
  • Renew the water.
  • Play with the cat.
  • Give medication if necessary.

Since cats are very sensitive, it is common to see cats that stop eating during the absence of their humans. This fasting can bring health consequences such as liver lipidosis or kidney problems. The same can happen if the animal is left completely alone at home, with large amounts of food for every day, since they tend to eat three times during the first few days, then running out of nothing and putting their health at risk. For this reason, in addition to insisting on the importance of delegating to someone the vigilance and care of our cat on vacation, we highlight the value of verifying that the animal eats and drinks.

He water is essential, and if the drinking fountain is dirty or the water is not in the right conditions, the cat may not drink anything, even leading to symptoms of dehydration. In general, cats prefer water sources for presenting this vital liquid in movement or, failing that, bowls with water to overflow, fresh and clean.

The litter box should also be cleaned daily, so it is essential that all this information be transferred to a person in charge of cat care on vacation if he does not know it.

For all the above, the ideal is to ask a relative or friend who loves cats with availability to take care of the cat 1-2 hours a day, As minimum. Another option is to hire a professional to travel the requested time home. Currently, there are more and more professionals who add this service, including veterinary clinics, which guarantee adequate treatment and adapted to each particular case. If you consider this possibility, pay attention to the working method to opt for, always, for those professionals who work positively and ensure the welfare of animals.

Finally, the use of diffuser pheromones, like those of Feliway, they provide the cat with a relaxed and calm environment, highly indicated for felines with a tendency to suffer stress.

Can I leave my cat just for a weekend?

Many tutors wonder how many days a cat can be alone at home or if it is possible to leave a cat alone for a weekend. The answer is no. We do not advise that the cat be home alone for more than one day. In a weekend many things can happen and if there is no one who can quickly call the veterinarian the animal could suffer serious consequences. Something as simple as the cat eating all the food the first day can develop health problems that require immediate attention.

For all the attention, if you go on vacation and do not know what to do with your cat, even if it is a weekend, ask someone to monitor and care for the animal or hire the services of a professional. The human company is essential to ensure that all the resources that the cat needs are present and in correct conditions, such as water, food, cleaning or toys. Likewise, cats that live without the company of other animals still need this human contact more to cover your social needs, so it is very important that someone comes to visit every day to ensure their well-being.

Hotels or res>

If you cat is outgoing, very sociable and adapts without problems to any environment, the option of choosing a hotel or feline residence can present multiple advantages. In addition to having constant attention, you will interact with other cats, enjoy new environments and stay entertained. Also, this option to leave the cat on vacation is especially indicated for those cats in treatment that require several administrations during the day, since many residences have a veterinary service 24 hours a day.

Now, if your cat is a healthy animal, timidious and susceptible to changes (like most), this option not the most appropriate for him because of the emotional problems that can develop in him. For this case, opt for the above options.

What to consider when choosing a feline residence?

First of all the needs of your cat. Currently there are many residences that we can find, with varied services and different amenities. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that you check each of their services and guarantees that adapt to your feline, offer permanent attention, care, quality food, game sessions and, in short, they care about their well-being in your absence. To do this, do not hesitate to consult your trusted veterinarian, surely he can recommend you the best place!

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Leave the cat at home during the holidays

We have already said on many occasions that cats have a highly territorial character, and are not usually lovers of change. So that most cats may prefer not to move from home.

In case we are thinking about some short break, it would be good ensure that the cat will be well at home, especially if there is someone who takes care of your care.

Residence, shelter or other house

If we cannot leave the cat in his habitual house, there is the option of taking him to a residence or shelter prepared for it. Depending on whether the cat is very territorial and not accustomed to these changes, it will be more or less recommended.

Many of these spaces are more prepared for dogs than for cats, so it is interesting that Before leaving the pussy there we visit the place and make sure it is conditioned for the needs of our cat.

Some things to consider when choosing a residence or shelter for cats they are: that the mininos are not in cages too long, that they have individual areas where the cat can be calm, that the cats that accept it can have access to common areas with other cats and that the space conditions are good ( cleaning, temperature, etc.) It is also good that they do some access control, such as requesting a veterinary or vaccination report, and having an emergency veterinarian.

Another option is take the cat to someone's house, either an acquaintance or relative, or a kangaroo who has the house adapted to accommodate cats.

In all cases, we know our cats more than anyone else, so we will know what needs you may have and what we should offer them to make them feel their best. So if the Our cat's character seems to fit the option of taking him somewhere, especially if we have used to it since childhood, we should choose the place that gives us the most confidence.

The cat comes with us on vacation

Finally, especially when they are longer holiday periods, there is the option that the cat also comes on vacation.

Traveling with your cat seems idyllic (at least I think so), since it allows you to combine the pleasure of traveling with that of sharing a beautiful moment with your pussy. Now, we must take into account the place we are going and if the cat will accept it.

Again, if the character of the cat is related to this type of adventure and, above all, if we have accustomed the pussycat to travel, it will be much simpler.