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  • Height at the cross: 53 cm in males
  • Weight: about 20 kg
  • Cap: usually black and white sometimes tricolor, gray-blue and white, harlequin cyber
  • Average life: twelve years
  • Character: obedient, receptive, active, affectionate
  • Relationship with children: very good
  • Relationship with other dogs: very good
  • Aptitudes: herd dog
  • Space needs: convenient garden and daily exercise
  • Border Collie Feeding: 350 to 400 g daily of dry whole food
  • Arrangement: brushed, especially during the molting season
  • Maintenance cost: normal

The character of Border collie, as stated in its description, is totally related to the occupation and purpose of the breed. While this has a special relevance for the owner of Border collie At work, the one who has it as a pet should appreciate these essential, characteristic and long-developed aspects, typical of the working individual, and you will see evidence of these instincts in your pet. In many cases, specific training would be necessary to fully revive and to fix these instincts, but knowing the background helps to better understand the behavior, personality and skills of the Border collie. The commendable terms that are used to define the Border collie, very clear to the farmer or the pastor, they need a better explanation for the owner of a pet.

Border Collie Definition

Run beating the animals
He Border collie He must not simply chase the sheep, but must be able to turn and direct them. The dog does not move in a straight line, but runs around the flock to gather the flock. The dog that lacks an instinctive courage or the ability to spin the cattle, will get too close to the sheep and simply scare them without grouping them. The dog that has the ability to run around the sheep will know how to maintain the proper distance between him and the flock.

The look is one of the unparalleled qualities of Border collie and it is the most interesting feature that you may notice in your pet. It is an attribute that has cost many generations to introduce into the animal. The look consists of a hypnotizing look that the dog directs the sheep, causing them to stay in place. The posture of Border collie It is rigid, keeping its body and head down, somewhat similar to a hunting dog when it points out where a prey is. This ability may have been added to that of the Border collie from their breeding by hunters. Strong-eyed dogs can keep a group of sheep in the open field instead of running.

Power is the ability, quite indefinable, of the superior dog to dominate and to impose its authority on sheep without aggressive barking and without biting. A dog with power maintains authority over his flock without frightening or terrorizing sheep.

The strongest desire introduced into the instinct of Border collie It is the desire to work. It is the result of centuries of evolution and dominates even the survival instinct in some Collie. These dogs may feel frustrated and become destructive if they are in an environment where there is nothing they can do. A dog of this type is not always a good pet. Even so, the careful and considerate owner can overcome this instinctive difficulty by making the Border collie Be a functional and important part of the family. Watching your human family and your property is also a job that requires effort. The important thing is to keep the dog interested, busy and active. After all, a farm has more dead times within its program than the average modern urban family, which is always going fast and is insensitive to the weather.

The dedication to work, which obviously does not mean a failure in them, can lead to neurotic pet dogs, a consequence of breeding focused on acting and not so much towards temperament. Nervousness is, in general, the most common personality problem in the Border collie. There is, of course, only a thin dividing line between the working animal with a good temperament and the one that shows nervousness. The distinction is related to the environment and occupation.

The fact that obedience is such a strong instinct makes training the Border collie Be a very rewarding company. No dog learns faster and retains what it has learned for longer. Remember, anyway, that because your Border collie He is so excited to act and to please and, consequently, discouraged with his failures, his training should be smooth but firm. Coarse methods of intimidation may seem to get the dog to obey, but obedience without trust will soon be forgotten.

Shyness and bad mood are other temperament failures that sometimes occur in the Border collie and that can make training difficult. Also here, these failures are related to the dog's deep desire to act. They cannot afford to fail their master or disappoint him. Training such dogs is difficult, since they will not allow any correction, even the softest rebuke.

He Border collie It may sometimes be an animal of one person, so in harmony with his master, that the rest of the people may not be able to get their attention or obedience. Dogs as pets should be socialized at an early age and handled by all family members to avoid this problem.

It is especially worth realizing the importance of the relationship between exercise and mental health (and of course the physical) of your Border collie. Do not believe that a daily walk with the dog attached to the leash will provide enough exercise. You should find an open and safe area (such as your fenced garden) where your dog can run freely for some time. Anything that does not satisfy this can lead to a neurotic and discontented animal. With regard to accommodation away from home, do not be surprised if your pet is found longer on the roof of his house than inside it.

Boredom and frustrated grazing instincts can cause your dog to adopt a very dangerous behavior that, unfortunately, is quite common in dogs. Border collie taken as pets: chase cars. The combination of instinctive "look" and "surrounding" along with the incentive of cars and local traffic is the leading cause of death by accident among pets of this breed. Sufficient activity and training will reduce this risk, but they will never eliminate it completely. Even when your Border collie If you are fully trained and in complete safety, it will still be necessary to hold you by the strap in the open areas and free you only in the closed areas.

There are certain margins regarding the appearance of the Border collie. This is the result that the ability to work is valued much more than its appearance. The standard of the modern breed is set in the practical nature of the animal, and because of that it accepts the exceptional variety in terms of color, size and coat, while asking for one thing above all: solidity.

The shape of the head should reveal at a glance the sex of the Collie. The classic type is the wedge shape, but you can also see the smaller and fox-like types, as well as the more pointer types and with the vaulted skull. The ears may be raised, bent or horizontal. The eyes should generally be brown, although blue eyes are quite common.

The structure is extremely important, due to its purpose. The dog works with a low head, and needs a long neck to maintain balance. Shoulders should be thrown back to facilitate speed and to reduce shaking when stopping abruptly. Long limbs and a broad chest mean more speed and plenty of room for the lungs and heart. The length of the back and hips is necessary for endurance and grace. The tail should be low.

The preference for the type of coat is also dictated by the practice of work. Dogs with woolly fur are at a disadvantage in the field and in bad weather. Sticky substances, bits of tree bark, mud and snow will accumulate in your belly, on your limbs and between the pads of your feet. Long coatings are a good habitat for fleas, favor skin problems and give rise to a terrible smell when wet. The smooth, silky coat with a dense sublayer is ideal. The soft fur dog is better both in practical and aesthetic appearance. Can also be seen Border collie with a coat as fine as greyhounds, but these are obviously not protected against the vicissitudes of harsh working conditions.

Many of the Border collie Today they are black and white. The color distribution can follow any pattern, but black dominance is preferred. Tricolor (black, white and fire) are common. You can see variations of the brown color from the vermilion to the liver, as well as the gray and blue and the reddish blue. While all colors and drawings are accepted, white spots have a utilitarian value, as they help the farmer locate the dog in the fields.

What we have to know before having a Border Collie

Border Collies are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They learn new things quickly and can become great pets for owners who know how to handle this dog. At the same time, if you don't know what you're doing or don't pay attention, having a Border Collie can be a real challenge.

This breed of dogs are not for everyone, but if you think you can live up to a Border Collie and respond to their needs then you will have a loyal and intelligent companion.

Temperament and personality of the Border Collie breed

This particular breed requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Border Collies who are denied the stimulation they need quickly get bored and are forced to look for alternative ways to entertain themselves. These ways may include biting clothes, furniture and other destructive behaviors.

These dogs love to be busy at all times. Certainly they are not dogs that enjoy sitting at home all day waiting for their owners, need something to keep them busy or you will have a huge mess when you return home.

Natural skills and activities

The obedience tests and Agility are also two areas in which the Border collie excels Competitions of both types are dominated by race. These tests reveal the instinctive obedience and innate agility of the Border collie. If you have occasionally observed any of these tests, you have not been able to avoid realizing that Border collie They are present in large numbers ... and they always end up doing well. The relationship between these exercises and the real work for which we thought about the Border collie It is marginal, but they offer an escape valve for the energy of the pet dog, and also sets goals for training both the dog and the owner.

The Border collie they are sometimes used as guide dogs for blind people, but more frequently, Border used to perform this task are crossed or with Labradors or with Golden Retriever. The Border collie Purebred are generally too fast and sudden in their movements for this occupation. However, their resistance and persistence make them an excellent choice as rescue animals on the mountain. Bitches, with their short fur that resists snow and mud, are preferred. The Border collie used for this purpose should be friendly and gentle-looking: that is, with less tendency to stop and direct a hypnotizing look known as "look" or "eye."

Border Collie Training

As we said before, border collies are very smart. They are able to learn elaborate tricks with the right approach, which makes them very popular among dog trainers. The border collie breed needs mental and physical stimulation and a collie that is not properly trained is obliged to catch some unpleasant habits - like biting everything.

The Border Collie was raised to run in large open fields and has a lot of energy to stay active for extended periods of time.

Although they are originally considered only "shepherd dogs", they are now much more than that. Dog lovers around the world have embraced the Border Collie breed and invited her to their homes, however the need for vigorous activity is still deeply rooted in them.

Border collies in principle are not apartment dogs, they need a lot of space to run and play. Exercise for them is important both for their health and for their happiness. So if you are or are going to own a border collie make sure you give your dog plenty of time to run and use his energy.

Border collies are generally easy to prepare. They do not require a lot of baths, but you need to brush them weekly to get rid of any extra hair that is attached to your mantle. Like any other long-haired breed, the border collie loses hair especially in spring and autumn and due to its longer hair this phenomenon is much more noticeable.

In most cases these dogs tend to stay healthy and live to an advanced age, as long as their needs are met. A good diet and sufficient physical activity is a necessity for a border collie. Border collies can live from 10 to 17 years old, and generally from 13 to 14 years old. You can read more about the possible diseases that a Border Collie can suffer in the article on Border Collie Health.

The Border Collie can be a great pet for the family, but you have to be in your place with this breed. Your high intelligence can really work against an owner who is not familiar with dog training. Border collies are quick to learn how to open doors and closets and how to enter places that are outside their limits, etc., so knowing how to train them is vital for each owner.

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Good owner: Good dog

As we have repeatedly said, the Border collie It is, by definition, a working dog, but this is not exclusive. His intelligence gives him the quality of adaptability that, with the right owner, can make the life of the pet dog almost as satisfying to him as the type of work for which he was born and raised. Thus, in the end we return to our consideration of the principle: human nature. Can the pet owner understand the needs of their pet Border collie and mediate between the instincts of the animal and its environment? If so, then this expertly trained working dog can become a pet that we can enjoy. As with any breed, putting all other possible considerations aside, it is good owners who give rise to good pets.

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